How it Works

  • Visit your Optometrist and be sure to ask for your latest eye glass prescription. If you don’t have an optometrist we can recommend one in your area.
  • If you haven’t already, contact Eye’m Mobile Optical and we will book an appointment at a convenient time and location.
  • Nancy, a Licensed Optician, will meet you anywhere you choose within the Carleton County and most of Victoria County.
  • You choose the location: a home or place of work.
  • If you wish, have a friend or relative attend for support.
  • Nancy will help you choose the frame that fits all your needs: size, shape, appearance and fashion; she will take all the necessary measurements to make sure your vision is the best it can be.
  • Nancy will review lenses coatings, materials and prescription lens brands that are appropriate for you.
  • If needed, a further meeting can be arranged to make final adjustments to maintain the comfort and look of your glasses.


Lens and Frame Guarantees

Eye’m Mobile Optical will warranty the lens coating for a one time “no questions asked “ for the first year.
If warranty is needed In second year the cost will be a 50% of the lens price.

Eye’m Mobile Optical has a one year guarantee on all frames from original date of purchase. Some frame lines may have a two year manufacture’s defect warranty.

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